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A WhatsApp based solution to drive student engagement and learning outside classroom

Learn from Home is a package of videos, quizzes and dashboards

Simple, easy to use and addresses a teacher's needs

Virtual training of teachers and principals immediately after they sign up for the program

A pedagogy model that is appropriate for the current world situation

Regular data analysis and dashboards for teachers and principals to monitor student progress

Videos & quizzes for all the topics in math and science for grades 3-8 mapped to CBSE and state board curriculums


Teachers can easily register on Nalanda at Home chatbot by typing "Hi" and answering a few basic questions.

Darad Harsh Nalanda at Home Chatbot

Teachers choose a topic from a list of topics provided to them using a PDF file generated by Nalanda at Home chatbot. 

Teachers share videos and quizzes with students on WhatsApp using an in-built forwarding feature in our PDF

The Nalanda Project Learn from Home WhatsApp chat
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Teachers are provided a dashboard to monitor students' progress regularly

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Learn from Home makes teaching easier and simpler!


Still not convinced whether to sign up for Learn from Home or not? Explore our sample content and decide.

Worried about monitoring student and/or classroom progress? We have you covered there! Have a look at our detailed teacher and principal dashboards. 

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“The quizzes and videos provided by Nalanda Project are of great help. Nalanda at Home has taught me new techniques of teaching and how to cater to students' needs in this pandemic.” 

—  Ayushi Podchettiwar,

Chetan Dattaji Gaikwad English Medium School,

Khaki, Pune, Maharashtra

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